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Windows Sharing Pack V0.9.8 [2022-Latest]




.3 Win Shares is a file and folder sharing program that enables Windows NT and Windows 2000 users to share various kinds of files with other users. Win Shares is not a replacement for other file sharing programs such as CIFS (Samba). Features This file sharer allows you to share the entire hard disk (Volume), a drive letter (Drive), or a folder (Folder). You can also specify the name of the user who should be allowed to access the shares. You can set up "Password-Protected Shares" in which a password is required to access the shares. For example, you can allow your children to access the computer while you cannot. You can also set up "Remote Access" in which remote access is allowed over the network. For example, a user is allowed to access the computer from another location. You can also share a hard disk through a local area network (LAN) or a file server. With this feature, users in a LAN can access the shares on the file server as if they are on the same hard disk. The maximum number of shares is 1,024 per volume. The maximum number of drives per volume is 128. The maximum number of folders per volume is 256. Version History Version0.9.8.3 (20-Oct-2002) - Added security function - Fixed crash issue with some configuration information - Optimized browsing operation - Fixed some runtime errors and problems Version0.9.8.2 (18-Oct-2002) - Fixed some bugs - Added a function to customize the folder which is displayed when browsing a share - Optimized viewing speed Version0.9.8.1 (17-Oct-2002) - Added "Remote Access" function - The unit and the number of shares cannot be deleted when they are being used - A user cannot view folders which are used by another user - When browsing a remote folder, the user cannot select a folder to browse Version0.9.8 (12-Oct-2002) - Fixed bug that prevents reading shares - You can browse shares for remote access even when you are not logged in - Improved security - Added the ability to limit the number of shares displayed - Improved overall performance Version0.9.7 (10-Oct-2002) -



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Windows Sharing Pack V0.9.8 [2022-Latest]

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