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  • *Please allow 2 business days for CPAP Equipment order processing* 

  • Return Policy: All Home Sleep Apnea Test Sales are final, No Refunds!

  • Home Sleep Apnea Testing Equipment - late fee’s are accrued at $50.00 per day, up to the total replacement cost!

  • 20% re-stocking fee on all CPAP Machines during the first 30 days!

  • All CPAP Mask Sales are final, No Returns or Refunds!

  • *All sales of CPAP machines / CPAP mask require a signed prescription.*

  • *Home Sleep Apnea Test do not require a prescription.*


Philips NightBalance

Out of stock
Product Details
Brand: Philips

The mask-free treatment for positional sleep apnea!

NightBalance Will assist you in remaining on your side while you sleep, with gentle vibrations and will prompt you to shift back to your side should you roll to your back. NightBalance is compact, simple to set up, easy to use and comfortable to wear. A mobile app makes it easy to see how your treatment is progressing and your doctor will receive updates as well.

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